Glamour Portrait Photography | Meet Beautiful Amy| Portraits by LivePixels Photography / by Elena Golijanin

Meet beautiful Amy!

Amy is a wife and a working Mom to two beautiful babies.  Life is busy.  Sometimes your hair stays in a ponytail for days.  You can't even remember when was the last time you got to wear your favourite little black dress.  I am a Mom too, I know all too well. :)

Amy and her husband Gary have been married for just over 5 years.  Instead of date nights they both take days off work once a month to have a day to themselves, while the kiddos are in the daycare.  What a smart thing to do!  Never stop dating!

On one of those days off, Amy spent a morning at my photo studio to do something for herself, as well for her kids and family.  Amy came for a portrait session.  She said that the last time she had professional portraits done was on her wedding day and she was a little nervous.  We put some curls in her long hair, and my wonderful make up artist Eniko gave Amy a soft and natural look with a bit of a smokey eye.  Amy brought some of her favourite outfits and we had a lot of fun.  You can see how beautiful, strong and confident Amy looks in her portraits!  I love it when I'm given the opportunity to bring this out in a woman, because every woman is so beautiful.

Please enjoy my selection.

Love and hugs,


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