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Planning Your Portrait Photo Session

Before your photoshoot, we'll have a pre-session consultation to get to know each other, as well as starting to design your portrait session so it's unique to you. 

We'll go through images to get ideas on how you'd like the tone, look, feel and style of the session to be set up. The possibilities are completely open - soft and etheral, bold and confident, something sexy, or a little bit of everything!

You'll walk in the day of the photoshoot knowing exactly what to expect so you can feel relaxed, happy, and excited!

(Consultations typically last about 1 hour and are scheduled on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.)

Once we have a plan made for your shoot, consider buying your dream outfit to make your portraits extra special. You can ask to raid your friend's and family's closets, check out vintage boutiques, or to add something extra luxurious you'd never buy for yourself, try www.rentfrockrepeat.com.


What to Expect during your Photo Session

My goal is to pose you in the most flattering way. The poses are designed to position your arms and legs to create a leaner, longer shape with a lot of body language.

The posing and positions during your photoshoot may feel awkward and uncomfortable at times, but I'll direct and talk you through each step of the process - from your feet and hands, all the way to your eye lashes. I will ensure that you look natural, elegant, and your eyes are showing the sparkle inside you! While posing may feel like a physical challenge at times, I promise that you will look natural and relaxed in your photographs.

Tips and tricks for your shoot:

Smeyes! Or smiling with your eyes. Practice looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling with your eyes. This simply means relaxing your mouth and giving a soft, gentle smile while focusing on your eyes. A little practice beforehand will give you more confidence when I ask you to smile with your eyes during the shoot. 

Ballet hands: Hands play a very important role in creating your portraits. "Ballet hands" simply means soft, relaxed hands and fingers. Practice touching your face, neck, shoulders and hips with your fingertips. We want the hands to be relaxed and soft. 

Preparing for your Photo Session


Please come to the studio the morning of your session with your skin completely clean and free of any cosmetics. Avoid getting artificial tan or spray tan prior to your shoot. 

You should arrive to the studio with your hair freshly washed and completely dry. Please do not straighten your hair or put any products. If needed, please make sure your roots touched up prior to your shoot.

Since hands play a very important role in your portrait, it’s best if your nails are trimmed with light or no polish. Avoid designs or bright bold colours on your nails. 


What to Bring with You

On the day of your photoshoot, please make sure you have the following items with you:

• nude strapless bra and matching nude thong 

• black strapless bra and matching panty

• a pair of slippers to walk around the studio

• any gowns, lingerie, vintage items or accessories you may have to make your session unique


A session fee of $699 plus HST includes a pre-session style and concept consultation, professional makeup and hair styling, use of our studio wardrobe, a fully guided photo shoot with multiple looks, full retouching, reveal and ordering session, and $500 print credit.

Failure to make your appointment:
If you are unable to make your appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice. You will be able to reschedule your session within 6 months of your originally scheduled appointment. 


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Two to three weeks after your photo session you will be invited back to my studio for your reveal session where you will view all of your beautiful photographs and make your selection. You only buy what you love! Products are sold separately with fine art matted images starting at $250, image bundles starting at $1490, and luxurious collections starting at $2890. With every print purchased, I will provide a complimentary, fully retouched, high resolution digital file. What you fall in love with and wish to purchase is entirely up to you!  

LivePixels Photography offers interest free in house financing on all collection purchases. Financing is simple: put 30% down, and when you collection is paid in full we will deliver your final product. Due to the custom nature of our products, there are no refunds or exchanges on any purchases. We accept all major credit cards.

For more information on pricing, please get in touch.